Indoor Facilities

Each room is fully equipped with a variety of educational toys to stimulate development at each stage, including soft play equipment, construction toys, sand, water, dough, paint, glue, jigsaws and facilities for musical play.

Outdoor Facilities

We have a large enclosed outdoor play area, comprising of a paved area and a grassed area complete with, slides, climbing frames, cars and bikes. We also have a pet corner to stimulate the caring instinct in each child.

Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room is a place where the children can explore and develop their senses and skills. Its features range from soft play area, interactive equipment, sound, lighting and fragrance. What are the benefits of a Sensory Room? Our Sensory Room engages children to learn through play. From following bright lights, shapes and patterns with their eyes to pressing buttons to make the sensory room change colour or even change colour to music.