Sleeping problems in young children

Sleeping Problems in Young Children

On occasion children sometimes find it difficult to settle down to sleep and will wake on many occasions during the night.  As a parent – maybe bedtime has turned into a battle of wills as you struggling to get your toddler to settle or to stay in bed all night.

The consequences of this can be very frustrating, tiring and have a real impact on you and your child’s sleep pattern.
We all know, a good night’s sleep plays a major part in our health and wellbeing.

For some people, this might not be a problem. But if you or your child are suffering from a lack of sleep, there are some simple techniques you can try.

We have to remember that every child is different, so only do what you feel comfortable with and what you think will suit your child to overcome this problem

The NHS have a dedicated page addressing sleep issues with children and covers various age groups providing useful advice and tips to help parents through this tough time.

Visit the NHS – Sleep problems in young children page.

The NHS Guidance notes covers the following subjects

(a) If your child will not go to bed
(b) If your child will not go to sleep without you
(c) More sleep tips for under-5s
(d) Help your disabled child to sleep
(e) More help with children’s sleep problems


It can take patience, consistency, and commitment, but most children’s sleep problems can be overcome.