Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories have always been a firm favourite for many children. Whether it’s a fairy story, adventure story or a simple non-scripted parent made up story, children love them.

Let your Childs Mind Escape

A child’s thoughts and emotions are allowed to come into play as they enter a world of magic, adventure, characters, fun or just plain old silly slapstick behaviour. After a day of activities and school, reading a book can bring your child closer to sleep.

Regular reading before bed can creates a powerful sleeping routine and over time; it becomes easier to support the cultivation of good-quality sleep for your child.

As highlighted above, listening to stories stimulates, it encourages children to switch on their imagination and create their own understanding of what’s being read to them.

Bedtime Stories – An Education

Regularly storytelling enables children to enhance their vocabulary and word dictionary. The repetition of new words will encourage them to link meanings with it and increase their literacy.

Story telling also introduces them to a diverse collection of information such as cultures, traditions, and ideas. They’ll possess a deeper understanding of the world around them through the perspective of fictional characters.

In our recent post we celebrated World Book Day, this post is definitely worth another look.

Happy reading….

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